IRON WILL Interview with Chief Development Director,Kazuhiro Tohyama

Aiming at Embodying the Authentic Beauty and Principle of Road Racer
The first thing to bear in mind is to see the fundamental of bicycle manufacture in a fresh light. A boom in sports cycling has taken place in Japan now. The appearance of numerous road bicycles in markets give us a picture depicting its current popularity. Frame materials as carbon fiber, aluminum, titanium, etc are in common use today.
To attract consumer attention, each brand strives to position itself from competing products by adding aesthetic appeal and function. As a result, frames and forks nowadays are molded into excessively thick, slim, asymmetric forms, or sometimes astonishingly curved appearance. Especially carbon fiber allows for easier deforming work, becoming a popular frame material.
However, it is no doubt that this principle of bicycle frame is ‘made of steel’and ‘horizontal position ’.
I believe that ‘Back to fundamentals’ leads to overwhelming beauty, said to be the ultimate principle of universe. As I gaze at the fast-changing road bicycle scenery, I feel the impulse, more than ever, to reemphasize such aesthetics, also being the standard for bicycle manufacturing , This is what I called IRON WILL, MIYATA’s PHILOSOPHY.
Obsession for Complete Bike
Almost all the manufacturers of high end chromoly frame put focus on selling frame. Assembling desired components in combination with frame to make your very own bicycle might offer a sheer pleasure.
Yet a bicycle’s performance depends on balance, which cannot just be produced only by frame and fork. It is the insight into the feature of each components, such as the tires, wheels, saddle and brakes…that leads the way in creating the perfect balance. In MIYATA LEGEND, we believe balance plays a crucial role in determining the performance of a bicycle.
40 years’ experience in composite engineering gave me a good eye in selecting components as well as integrating them to create the ideal balance, just like I know exactly which tire shall go well with which wheels.
Besides balance, I want to emphasize that technique of assembling bicycles is the other factor determines the performance.
Even using the same frame and components, performance can be influenced by assembling techniques. To ensure the consistency in performance , each MIYATA LEGEND is manufactured by craftsman who used to be Team MIYATA’s exclusively contracted mechanics, and the final integration and adjustment are fulfilled in MIYATA’s authorized dealer, by a group of professionals who know the best for the customers.
Taking Advantage of the Flexible Nature of Chromoly to Its Utmost Low Position of the Center of Gravity, Greater Stability

Former Manager of Technology Division, Bicycle Department, Miyata Industry Co., Ltd(present: Miyata Cycle Co., Ltd )
With the career of being a mechanical engineer, Tohyama joined Miyata Industry and devoted himself to bicycle development for 40 years ever since, making him the living witness of the history of Miyata bicycle. Standing on the front line of quality control, he was the key person in giving birth to sports bicycles「California Road」 and 「Jeunesse」. Now being over 60 years old, he still enjoys riding the Miyata road bicycle every now and then. In this project, as a specialist possessing a full knowledge of bicycle, Tohyama is willing to take and fulfill the mission of creating what so-called “the ideal bicycle” in his very own definition.

The merit of chromoly lies in its the rigidity and vibration absorption.
I especially want to emphasize that the pliable nature of steel could be used to produce impelling force. Once the benefits of wholeness and balance between each factor, that of rigidity, vibration absorption and impelling force are realized, the ideal “one of a kind” road bicycle is about to born. Speed is not our only pursuit. Rather than that, we pursue greater emphasis on creating a sense of unity.
Thinking from the bicycle geometry, manufacturers tend to attach importance to the flexibility as well as stiffness. To put it in a simple way, by adjusting the bottom bracket to a higher position may allow riders to enjoy a high-waste position However, high center of gravity is consequently prone to the lack of stability.
To bring harmony to the balance between each contradicting factors, as rigidity, flexibility, stability and optimal pliability, we adopted the 170-millimeters-long crank, adjusting BB position to the possible lowest level.
Furthermore, the “king” of steel frame, Horizontal Diamond Frame, is adopted.MIYATA SSTB, the legendary pipe conquered Paris-Roubaix, classic race famous for its rough terrain and cobblestones (the Pavé ), was adopted to enhance the three main pipes engineered by MIYATA.
With the material and geometry supported by actual achievements, these pipes are used in a way surely to make the utmost of its characteristics.
Inherited the DNA from the bicycle conquered Tour de France, MIYATA LEGEND is designed in every aspects to qualify the requirements for aggressive ride.Either you are a critical sports bike lover or new participant in road race, MIYAYA LEGEND will surely be a lovable life company.